Saturday, 14 April 2012

The Joey behind the Warhammer

So I started my Warhammer journey in January with an out of focus video talking about how I wanted to venture into the hobby having no prior experience with either miniatures or tabletop wargaming.
At first the feed back was slow but mostly positive and I was filled with hope that my painting wasn't akin to that of a 3 year old.
I kept building with a hint of irritation and painting enthusiastically until I had finished by battalion box. I kept making videos that got slightly better as I figured out how to use the editing software and an army was made!

I've had mixed reviews as far as my presence to the Warhammer scene is concerned. Some are genuinely pleased that I'm enthusiastic to it all and maybe have nostalgic feelings about it. Others seem whole heartedly fixed on this idea of viral marketing, or university projects or journalism. At first I laughed off, then became seriously confused as to what the hell I was trying to sell people or convince people of?

 I'm not trying to sell the latest products, I'll even go as far to say that Morgan Treeman feels plain wrong being in finecast and when I felt a metal version I preferred it.  The paints have only confused me and I'm not interested in new armies.
I also don't care about dispelling (pun intended) some stereotype either. I'm into it simply because I want to be.
When I made the very first video I left it for days after I'd made it before getting the courage to upload it and left the room before I changed my mind. I knew that it would go either way. I'd either get laughed at or welcomed with open arms. It was both- but I'll take the good with the bad!

I feel like a have a facebook and twitter family that make fun of me and support me in equal measure and I've made friends with one of the coolest women I've ever met also known as thedicebaglady who has jumped to defensive when sexist comments or insults were aimed at me. She packs a verbal punch!!

So that's me so far. 4 months into Warhammer and it's already been a bit of a crazy adventure. I can't imagine what it'll be like a year from now. I'll keep you posted though. 


  1. Good stuff, Joey. It's wonderful to see someone your enthusiasm for the hobby. I hope you keep having fun at it for years to come. And that you keep us posted all the while.


  2. Well done. Heard you from the Bad Dice Podcast. This is pretty interesting...

  3. I am sure you will meet many wierd and wonderful people. Someone of them are awesome once you get to know them

    Just glad your enjoying yourself and have fun with your army of choice...even though its woodelves ;)

  4. I have enjoyed the enthusiastic aproach to the hobby alot. Too many angry internet ragers around these days.

    Good luck in the future, ill be following closely.

    Oh and it is grest to see a "rubbish" army do well....take that internet "wisdom"

  5. I got yer back Joey, Thats the only complaint I have with this Hobby is the attitude of the "elitiests" that are involved. Everyones always trying to prove how much better/smarter/cooler/nerdier etc they are and they forget we're all here for the same thing. Anyone messes with you, we'll take care of them no worries

  6. To me you embody the joy of Warhammer in its purest form. I think being new to the hobby you appreciate it a lot more for what it is.

    I first got a copy of 40k 18 years ago, I've had a fair few gaps in that time though. About 18 months ago I tried getting back into the hobby and got quite into it again for about 7months or so and even wrote a blog about the lizardmen army I built.

    I stopped playing and painting 6 months or so ago. I had some real life issues but also I think I lost sight of the fun of the hobby. I found myself worrying too much about what would be competetive. I was listening to popcasts and advice on forums, which is all well and good, but I found myself trapping myself into thinking I must build my army in a certain way.

    I think as well playing one of the 'top tier' armies and yet not getting results put a dampener on my spirits aswell.

    Your videos have really reminded me that its more important to have fun and just enjoy what you're doing, and I'm really itching to get painting again.

    I don't think gaming will be on the cards for a while though which is a shame. I live in a bit of an anoying place and my work schedule doesn't help in getting to the clubs, but hopefully I can change that soon.

    Keep up the good work and don't let the haters get you down.

    Hmmm I'm thinking I may adapt this rambly reply and turn it into a blog post. We shall see

    (btw that Empire guy you played, I've played him aswell. He smashed me too, and I only had the one steam tank to deal with)

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