Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Drycha Forest Spirit Army 2400

So yeah I know the special characters are frowned upon etc and some places don't allow them, but I was thinking about an all forest spirit army for just a bit of a laugh. Sadly at 355 points, Drycha can't be fielded with even a level 3 singer (as 215 for her, plus 20 for the glamourweave + 18 for the mount puts lords at 608... making 2500 points the smallest game you can pair her up with a spellweaver... and given that she's a level 2 athel loren herself, it didn't seem worth it to use a level 2 or 1. I hope future releases allow your level 1 and 2 casters to use something other than athel loren! 

(Savage beasts of horrors on Drycha, who is on one wound, gives you 10 strength 8 attacks... with rerolls! - serious synergy there with a beastweaver!)

So anyway, after deciding against a spellweaver and in fact for simplicity not including any lord or noble or even wild riders, I've got a REALLY unsubtle ALL tree army. Take a look and I'd love to hear your thoughts on it.




-cluster of radians.


10 Dryads 

10 Dryads 

10 Dryads 

10 Dryads 

10 Dryads 


6 Treekin 390

6 Treekin 390




2395 points. Sadly there isn't any upgrades or items (spites) to get those last few points.

With drycha and the branchwraith I've got 3 extra dispel dice... that should cover her only being a level 2.

With her reinforcements rule, I can make 10 dryads and 6 treekin appear in woods, possibly more (i think its a 4+ for them to appear, and I have lots of units so can try the next one if they fail) 

She also comes with unlimited moonstone - so her and the unit she's in can teleport from woods to woods.

As for having whole army with a 5+ ward save... it sounds tasty... but its completely ignored by a daemon army or other magical attacks.

As I've said its not subtle, and sacrifices magic for raw brute force... which if it doesn't work you're just not using enough!

Saturday, 14 April 2012

The Joey behind the Warhammer

So I started my Warhammer journey in January with an out of focus video talking about how I wanted to venture into the hobby having no prior experience with either miniatures or tabletop wargaming.
At first the feed back was slow but mostly positive and I was filled with hope that my painting wasn't akin to that of a 3 year old.
I kept building with a hint of irritation and painting enthusiastically until I had finished by battalion box. I kept making videos that got slightly better as I figured out how to use the editing software and an army was made!

I've had mixed reviews as far as my presence to the Warhammer scene is concerned. Some are genuinely pleased that I'm enthusiastic to it all and maybe have nostalgic feelings about it. Others seem whole heartedly fixed on this idea of viral marketing, or university projects or journalism. At first I laughed off, then became seriously confused as to what the hell I was trying to sell people or convince people of?

 I'm not trying to sell the latest products, I'll even go as far to say that Morgan Treeman feels plain wrong being in finecast and when I felt a metal version I preferred it.  The paints have only confused me and I'm not interested in new armies.
I also don't care about dispelling (pun intended) some stereotype either. I'm into it simply because I want to be.
When I made the very first video I left it for days after I'd made it before getting the courage to upload it and left the room before I changed my mind. I knew that it would go either way. I'd either get laughed at or welcomed with open arms. It was both- but I'll take the good with the bad!

I feel like a have a facebook and twitter family that make fun of me and support me in equal measure and I've made friends with one of the coolest women I've ever met also known as thedicebaglady who has jumped to defensive when sexist comments or insults were aimed at me. She packs a verbal punch!!

So that's me so far. 4 months into Warhammer and it's already been a bit of a crazy adventure. I can't imagine what it'll be like a year from now. I'll keep you posted though. 

Easter 2012 2400 Point Tournament Army list

The Joeyberry Wood Elves Army List 08/04/2012


Morgan Treeman @ 350 Pts
                -Treeman Ancient
                -Annoyance Of Netlings

Highborn @243
                -Alter Kindred
                -Bow of Loren
                -Arcane Bodkins
                -Light armor

Amber Sunwave @ 150 Pts
                -Spellweaver, Level 2
                -Lore of Athel Loren
                -Dispel Scroll

Alfred Noble @ 140
                -Wood Elf Noble
                -Battle Standard Bearer                     
                -Asyendi's Bane
                -Hail of Doom Arrow

CORE 622

16 Glade Guard @ 214 Pts
                -Standard Bearer
                -Banner of Eternal Flame
                -Contains Amber Sunwave
                -Contains Alfred Noble
10 Glade Guard @ 120 Pts
8 Dryads @ 96 Pts
8 Dryads @ 96 Pts
8 Dryads @ 96 Pts


6 Treekin @ 390 Pts

RARE 505

Treeman@ 285 Pts
Great Eagle @ 50 Pts
Great Eagle @ 50 Pts
5 Waywatchers @ 120 Pts

TOTAL 2400

First Battle Report! Wood Elves vs Tomb Kings

Joey’s Battle Report: Wood Elves vs Tomb Kings

So this is my first ever battle against another player (rather than GW staff holding my hand through it) and I've been part of the hobby for about a month so my knowledge is not great and mistakes have been made :)

I walked into Games Workshop case in hand and nervous at the realisation that I wouldn’t be playing a staff member who would basically tell me what to do and how many dice to roll, but a real person with more experience than me and the desire to win as much as I did. My opponent was very nice to me and helped me set up and though we were both beginners I was clearly still new to even the earliest preparations required. I shakily took out my dryads and noticed Treevous -My Poor Treevous- hadn’t survived with limbs intact through the journey and I made a feeble attempt to make him whole again. He ended up Threevous. My treekin looked menacing and agitated and I made a point to place them as far forward as possible. “Take that TK chariots- I plan to mess you up” I said... to myself. I also asked for a wood and I breathed a sigh of relief when I saw one was already on the table. I exchanged a quick grateful glance with the manager thanking him for the comfort blanket that was my forest.

With all my units set up in the best way I could manage. We rolled. I won. My turn first.  (I forgot/didn’t write down what I rolled just what happened)


First turn- Wood Elves
Movement- Dryads moved to the forest. Treekin to the front as my offensive. Glade guard to the left scouts the my other woods in the centre.

Magic- Level 1 Spellsinger casts tree singing; successfully move trees 2 inches forward!

Shooting phase- Took out four skeleton archers with my glade guard that were directly opposite. No wounds from my skirmish guard in the woods to the chariots- toughness was too high.... worth a shot...See what I did there?

Tomb King Turn 1
Movement- His Chariots charged my cavalry. I roll to flee and run 8 inches back to avoid that nasty impact damage... Score!

Magic- His liche tried to cast Ptra’s Incantation of Ricthous Smiting, which not only would give his archers 2x attacks, but regenerate dead solders! He had 7 power dice and I got 6 dispel dice. Since he only had a 1 level 1 wizard, I threw everything I had: double six - DISPELL!!

Shooting- One of my glade guard died- this made me sad/angry and momentary visions of melting my opponents miniatures flashed before my eyes before I regained self control. I did not melt his figures.
A failed charge from his chariots meant they could not shoot.


Wood Elves- Turn 2
Movement- Charged treekin into chariots. It was glorious. I failed to rally my glade riders and they fled 12 inches and I lost all respect for them.
I moved glade guard 5inches to get into short range for my strength attack bonus. Boo yah.

Magic- moved the trees 3 inches forward providing more cover. My branchwraith’s (THREEVOUS!) attempt was dispelled. Rage images occurred- I in turn dispelled them.

Shooting- Killed 3 more skeletons with my glade guard.

Combat-  Treekin vs Charots. I got to roll 10 attack dice. as Mossen Chops is an Treekin elder. With this I destroyed one chariot.
Retaliation- 9 attacks failed. Horses Failed- Chariots suck.
TREEKIN STOMP! Oh  :bleep:! Stomp is amazing! I obliterated another chariot which caused the remaining dusty git to crumble due to losing the combat! A thank you!  - I have since learnt that stomp wasn't allowed here... I was miffed.


Tomb Kings Turn 2
Apophas- the sneaky sod rose up behind me to rear end my glade guard.
The massive heavy duty skeleton tomb guard moved to my treekin.

Magic- He resurrected 2 skeletons.

Shooting- I lost two glade guard :(

Combat- Viney face Treekin died. In retaliation I killed 2 of his unit and I suffered no further wounds due to ward save.

So this is where it starts to fall apart....


Wood Elves Turn 3
I manage to rally my glade guard.
No movement required.

Shooting. Kill five Skeleton archers.

Combat. Only 1 killed Tomb Guard with my remaining two Treekin- My elder died and my other one ran. Treekin Gone.


Tomb King Turn 3
Shooting- Killed one of my skirmish glade guard in the woods.
Apophas’ breath attack killed 5 and ruined me. This made me flee and he cased me down and killed me! The scoundrel! My deep hatred of Apophas begins here. At least I took 3 of his 4 wounds off him!


Wood Elves Turn 4
Movement- My dryads drag their asses from the woods and meet the tomb guard for combat.
Magic- Treesinging Dispelled.
Combat- 4 wounds curtsey of my dryads they take a heavy beating and flee 6 inches. Treevous/threevous in fairness wasn’t on top form that day. I forgive them.

As it stands. I have left;

50% Of my dryads left.
All 5 Glade riders
And 4 skirmish Glade guard.... It’s not looking good.

Tomb king remaining- Massive regenerating tomb guard of 23 including 2 characters. THIS IS WHERE I NEEDED HAIL OF DOOM ARROW YOU FOOL.  :facepalm:
6 skeleton archers.

Tomb kings Turn 4
He flew (oh god he can FLY!) Apophas into a gap between my two units.
I dispelled his regeneration attempt.
Shooting- 1 scout gone from  arrow fire. They took a leadership test and aced it. Good boys.


Wood Elves Turn 5
I moved my glade riders in a circle around the tomb guard with the idea of shooting them and running away if they shot me. Sadly this moved them pretty close to the ticking time bomb that was his secret weapon. The biggest mistake of the match here is killing Apophas... because he :bleep: exploded into a cloud of scarabs killing 3 of my glade riders, which ran away in fear and 1 scout, leaving just two who continue to stick it out by passing the leadership test.


About here it’s been 4 and a half hours and I have no spellsinger- no treekin- 5 dryads running for their lives and 2 badass scouts left standing proud for me.
So I call the game- I need food. There’s no coming back from this. He beat me. So I shake his hand, give my remaining guys a slight nod of pride and telepathic “it’s ok you tried” speech  and pack them away.

So here it is. My many mistakes and achievements and waiting it out too long and missing opportunities but I bloody enjoyed it and the victor bought me lunch. Well played sir... well played.